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Indulge in a unique celebration of exceptional spirits and upscale comfort at The Library Restaurant, where we invite all our guests to "Join us for a cocktail!" Steeped in a commendable heritage and a rich legacy, The Library offers an extraordinary ambiance, blending comfort with an authentic Old English-style pub experience.

Bar and Lounge In Portsmouth, New Hampshire

A cornerstone of our offering is an expansive menu of beverages featuring unique selections, familiar favorites, and boundary-pushing specialties. Our mission is to build an engaging and memorable experience centered around the culture of fine wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails.

Amongst our beverage offerings, we have a distinct spotlight on our collection of fine wines. Expertly sourced from vineyards far and wide, our wine cellar has won accolades and awards, making it a remarkable stop for all wine enthusiasts. Red, white, rosé, or sparkling - our diverse and sophisticated selection caters to every palate, offering a little something for everyone.

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Fine Wines and Cocktails

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The Library Restaurant also serves an extensive range of craft beers. Whether you enjoy a rich stout, a crisp lager, a refreshing pale ale, or a hop into the world of IPAs, we have something to satiate your thirst. Our craft beers are collected from across the globe, celebrating the art of brewing locally and internationally.

Craft Beers and Vodkas

In addition, our 'distinguished spirits' menu features a remarkable collection of whiskies, liqueurs, and other premium spirits that promise to enchant the discerning patron. Every bottle in our collection adds to the depth of our menu and is, in essence, a story - tales of craftsmanship, heritage, and terroir.

Our signature cocktails add a final feather to our diversified hat. Each drink is thoughtfully curated by our adept mixologists, combining familiar tastes with intriguing new flavors, creating an unforgettable concoction that promises to leave you delighted and refreshed.

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Whiskies and Signature Cocktails

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At The Library Restaurant, our beverage offerings are not just about consumption - bringing people together, creating warm conversations, and building memorable experiences. The authenticity of the Old English Pub, coupled with our vast array of beverages, sets an ideal backdrop for social gatherings, quiet contemplations, and joyous celebrations.

Whether you drop by for a special celebration, a casual drink, or a relaxing dinner, The Library Restaurant promises a unique, sophisticated, and welcoming experience. We look forward to welcoming you and proposing a toast to a memorable time at The Library Restaurant!